I heard a definition once: Happiness is health and a short memory! I wish I'd invented it, because it is very true.
Audrey Hepburn 


Live life to the fullest!

As we get older it is vital that we remain as flexible, fit and as healthy as possible. Gentle daily exercise can help us achieve that. Yoga, Pilates and Swimming are great ways to increase you heart rate and have minimal negative impact on our bodies.

High impact exercise such as Boxercise, Crossfit, Pump etc are also great ways to keep healthy, as long as we maintain a strong core and address any injuries that may occur immediately with techniques such as The Bowen Technique.  


Choose green and fresh every day!

City living and the impact of life places a great demand on our bodies! Ensuring we eat fresh food daily helps our bodies 'refuel' with vital nutrients that nourish and repair us. If we maintain a great diet our bodies will thank us by providing vitality, energy and clarity of the mind.

Visiting Farmers markets in your local area is a great way to start to see what great fresh produce is available right at our doorstep as well as supporting our local farmers.